Karma Art Classes

The class begins with a relaxing meditation during which you focus your attention on something you want in your life. Some students desire better health, more prosperity, loving romance, or healing relationships.


Caryn covers a few basics and then each student paints their individual works of art using symbology relevant to their desires.

Color Pencil Class

Using one of Caryn's coloring books or pages the students bring themselves, students enjoy coloring with other budding artists. Watch for Caryn's singles over 45 parties.

Caryn Colgan

Consultant, Artist & Nature Lover

I juggle two lives. One as a competent business professional and the other as an artist with a focus on environmental and spiritual consciousness.



I love both lives. As a Master Performance Consultant I enjoy helping businesses and non-profits find ways to be even more successful. As a trainer, it's very rewarding to see the light bulb ignite when a manager understands a new way to approach an old problem.


Art & Earth

The artist in me rejoices when I take an idea and recreate it on canvas or whatever medium I am using. Now I want to focus this artistic passion to create art and environments that are good for Mother Earth and all of us.

Learn how you can integrate these coloring books into your program.


These adult coloring books are specially designed to help you reach your personal goals

1. Find Peace

2. Mental Clarity

3. Improve Wellness